The Arkansas Commitment

“I can grow up to do so many great things.  Give me a chance now to learn how to use my gift before I lose it forever.”


Every year, thousands of students with great minds and potential end up forfeiting available opportunities because there lies a lack of knowledge and a lack of help. ?Many students dream to be leaders and innovators but give up on those dreams because there is never anyone to guide and encourage them along the way. ? Other individuals have yet to even realize their true potential and therefore never push themselves to be the best version of themselves. ?The Arkansas Commitment is dedicated to making sure that students find an environment to grow and develop through real world experience and mentoring. ? We wish to make sure that the next generation?of scientists, doctors, artists, educators, and politicians are prepared to take on their dreams and responsibilities.?

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June 22, 2017
Big thanks to @JCLovesRadio & Joy Net Radio fo…
November 12, 2016
Big thanks to @JCLovesRadio & Joy Net Radio for hosting our @ARCommitment sessions today - grateful for the work you do!