For Organizations

For organizations, schools, and churches, Arkansas Commitment provides workshops on the following subjects:

  • Financial Aid
    • An overview of the financial aid process. This workshop includes “need-based” financial aid as well as practical ways to save
  • College Essay Writing
    • An introduction to the College Essay. During this workshop, we teach the basics of the College Essay. Students will learn what colleges are truly looking for in the college essay, how to describe their best attributes, and how to make their essay stand out from the crowd!
  • Holistic Admissions
    • Students will discover the 5 key areas colleges look for under a Holistic Admissions review. This workshop is designed to allow students to learn areas they are already excelling in and areas in which they may need to improve.
  • Admissions Case Studies
    • Students will assume the role of Admissions Counselor and will be given 3-4 applications to review. While this fun activity is designed to be interactive, it allows the student to learn how colleges review applications and ways they can strengthen their future applications.

** Discounts available for schools, churches, and non-profit organizations

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