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College Readiness

The field of college Admissions is becoming increasingly competitive. As more and more colleges are moving towards a “holistic review” process, students must begin preparing for the college admissions process as early as the 9th grade. Whether you’re a parent seeking informed guidance for your child, a church/organization desiring a workshop for your students, or a school looking to add supplemental college counseling curriculum to your classes, Arkansas Commitment is for you! We offer individual or group consulting options to prepare your students for the college admissions process.

Services for Non-members

Help and guidance is given for every aspect of the college planning process, including the following:

  • High school course selection
  • Extracurricular activities and leadership evaluation
  • College list creation
  • Information regarding Summer programs
  • Application essays and personal statements
  • Scholarship search and applications
  • Assistance with Final college decision

Consulting services are offered in four very affordable packages. For more information or to e-mail Arkansas Commitment to request an appointment, please click the below buttons.

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