Become “Commited”

Donors & Sponsors - Become "Committed"

      Businesses, organizations and even individuals can have an incredible and lasting impact on our students and the Program in general. The Program is always looking for sponsors and partners for community service projects, mentors as well as potential funding. Businesses and leaders can become “committed” by coming and talking to our students during their meetings, serving as mentors and inspiration to students through informal meetings and conversations, and inviting members of the Program to events, performances, etc.

    In order to provide networking and professional development opportunities, the Program has a small, select summer internship program sponsored by various businesses. Due to a limited number of sponsors, however, only some of the graduating seniors are able to participate. The Program hopes to connect each graduating senior with an internship option, but this would entail more “commitment” from businesses being willing and able to participate. Furthermore, area businesses can use this opportunity to recruit alumni of the Program throughout their college careers, paving a way for them to return to Arkansas.

All interested parties can contact:

Darren Morgan

Executive Director, Arkansas Commitment

1501 S. Main Street, Suite 136

Little Rock, AR 72201

(501) 508-5111 (office)

(501) 772-8887 (cell)

Facebook/Twitter: ARCommitment